Floating and Sinking

want to watch video?! —> http://youtu.be/q9O5OrnoDps

This week, we had activities about ‘floating and sinking’. Jasmine and I had a discussion about ‘would a candle float or not’. Jasmine said it would not float as it was heavy, but I said it would float because it is made of oil and oil floats in the water. After discussion, we put the candle in the water and what happen??? It floated! Also our group tried to guess whether float or sink other objects such as play dough, rock, balloon, crayon, etc. We had great time during the discussion of whether the objects float or sink and the some of objects’ result was impressive.

want to watch video?! —> http://youtu.be/XTdkfMnAX64

The second activity was also fun! We floated the little plastic basket on the water and put marbles in one at a time and see how many marbles it would take to sink the basket. Our basket sank at 32th of marbles and when we put the 32th marble, it sank very fast. Additionally, our group was the second group of containing many marbles. Yay!

Reflection for Floating and Sinking

Through the topic of floating and sinking, I had a lot of discussion with our group and we continue to float our curiosity. I happy to learnt many exciting new activities, which would help children to explore idea of mass, density and weight. Also I learnt the difference between density in objects and surface water. I did not know that if the density in objects less then one, it should float and if the density in objects more then one, it should sink. However, for human, we increase our density by putting on a life jacket and we are able to float more easily. To stimulate children’s interest, I could do the boat density by putting more marbles so children can learn why the boat floats and why the boat sinks when it is with more marbles. This topic brought lots of knowledge that I can learn and I am happy to use this knowledge for children in an Early Childhood Centre. I am excited to have the activities with children and they would like these activities to learn the topic.

Original resource for Floating and Sinking


I chose the book ‘Who sank the boat’ by Pamela Allen because it is a short, repetitive, and slightly rhyming story that would help children to learn about sinking and floating. ‘Who Sank the Boat?’ begins with several barnyard animals who decide that they would like to go for a short row in a boat, and follows them as they try to fit all the animals in the boat without it tipping over. This book would be able to teach that something’s ability to float or sink can depend on the removal or addition of even a very small item, such as a mouse, as well as where items are placed inside a boat to keep the weight evenly distributed to help balance the boat.


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