Living world – animal


For this topic, I collected snails from my gardens to bring and observe in the classroom. During the lecture, I looked the snail through the magnifying glass and I found the snail has patterns on its skin. Also I could see its foot rippled as it slithered forward. All those learning from the activity with the snail was fun!

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The second artifact was about the reproductive cycle of a human body. We firstly talked about the human body, we drew an outline of inside of body that we knew and we found what functions does our body have through the model. I thought that children would boost their curiosity when they have this model. I was very interesting to find out where all our bits are and what they are good for.


Reflection for living world – animal

I found the topic of living world (animal) is fascinating! Through this topic, I learnt all about the animal kingdom and the different class of the animal such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and us! To classify animals into these groups, we have to ask ourselves. Does it have backbone? Leg? Hot blood? Cold blood? Does it live in the sea? Land? Etc. I am sure that children would be good at answer these questions and it would be fun to classify the animal with young children. Also we learnt about the human body, how all our organs work and the fact that while we are living our daily life, there are so many process and systems going on our bodies. I am so excited to share this fact with children because I expect the surprising reaction from the children. I am so curious to see children’s reaction when they learn the digestive system and the working systems for some animals. I was happy to be in the class because this topic helped me to understand in simpler forms for children and now I can approach and discuss about this topic with them more easily.

Resource for living world – animal and reason chosen


I chose animal cards for the resource because, with these animal cards, children and I can discuss about classifying the animals in the different groups. These cards have different type of animals so we can have wider discussion. Children would show their interests when they learn about the differences between insects and animals and I expect many unimaginable questions from children. I am very excited with this activity and hearing the many questions about animals from children would be interesting!


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