Reading – Worth (2010)

The goal of science is to understand the natural world through a process known as scientific inquiry (Worth, 2010). Scientific inquiry provides the opportunity to develop a range of skills such as exploration, working with others and sharing and discussing ideas. According to George Forman, children do not learn from experience, they learn from their reflection on experience. This quote shows the importance of discussing and representing ideas and truly these encourage children to think deeply about their experience. According to Worth (2010), Children are naturally scientist. “Their curiosity and need to make the world a more predictable place certainly drives them to explore and draw conclusions and theories from their experiences”. (Worth, 2010) But left to themselves, they are not quite natural scientist. Children need guidance or teacher, who is comfortable with science, have wide science background and confidence in her abilities to teach science to children. The teacher role is important as her questions and comments could draw the children’s attention and curiosity to the activity.


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