115 Swirling milk

“Swirling milk”


When we entered the second science workshop, we saw a box that contains plastic plates, food colourings and dish washing liquid. Then we realised that we had to do an investigation with four different types of milk and the tools given to us. Firstly, we poured each four different types of milk into four plates. We added a couple of drops of four different colour of food colourings including green, red and blue around the centre of each plate and added dish washing liquid. WOW! Guess what happened. The food colourings around them got mixed together.

Through this activity, I realised that swirling milk occurred when we added dishwashing to milk. This is because the molecules of fat move around in many directions as the dishwashing liquid molecules attach to the fat molecules. We used four different types of milk including blue milk, cream, farmhouse and trim. With the blue milk, we could see colours clearly and colours were mixed immediately when we added dishwashing liquid. With the cream, the colours were sank bottom so we could only see spots so swirling was not quite happened and farmhouse showed similar results. Even though colours were visible, we could see limited spots and colours were slowly mixed. However, with the trim, colours were clearly visible like blue milk but when dishwashing liquid was added, it swirled very quickly. Through this, I found that trim contains the lowest fat between four milks as it showed more explosive swirling. I was interested in doing this activity because colour mixing was very impressive. When I play this activity with children, firstly I could talk about how colour swirl in the milk and ask questions like ‘what kind of milk produces the best swirling of colour’. Then I could tell them about fat molecules. When children have done this activity, they would be amazed about mixing colours and show interests then they would naturally understand the nature of science.


I found baking soda volcano on the Internet. I chose this activity because it would be a very interesting activity to children. It needs baking soda, vinegar, dishwashing liquid, plastic soda bottle, food colouring and play dough. Firstly, stand the soda bottle and mold the dough around it into a volcano shape and put some baking soda, red food colouring, which will make it seen like lava and dishwashing liquid. Finally, if vinegar is added in the bottle, eruption starts. Through this activity, children would get curious about why this happens when baking soda and vinegar meet and this curiosity would lead to developing the features of scientific knowledge and children would be able to understand the nature of science more deeply.


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